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Re: Another terminology question

From:JR <fuscian@...>
Date:Sunday, June 1, 2008, 23:09
Nonassertive sounds good. Thanks, And.


on 5/30/08 3:02 PM, And Rosta at and.rosta@GMAIL.COM wrote:

> 'Nonassertive' is used in anglistics to cover "Negative and/or Interrogative". > In English it covers the contexts where NPIs (negative polarity items), such > as "ever" and "any" and "at all", (mainly) occur, the contexts where auxiliary > NEED and DARE occur, the contexts in which KNOW with a bare infinitive > complement occurs, and so forth. In sum, grammatical nonassertivity is a very > important notion for English grammar. > > --And. > > JR, On 30/05/2008 10:46: >> on 5/30/08 5:43 AM, Dirk Elzinga at dirk.elzinga@GMAIL.COM wrote: >> >>> 'Irrealis' would work. >> >> I thought of this, but as discussed recently here, the term has some >> drawbacks. It's very general and is used in very different ways, many of >> which have little in common with what I have here. And David Crystal's >> definition, which David Peterson cited, precludes it: "...the proposition is >> weakly asserted to be true, but the speaker is not ready to support the >> assertion ..." But I'll use this if nothing better turns up. >> >> Thanks, >> Josh >> >>> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 6:04 PM, JR <fuscian@...> wrote: >>>> I have another question. Khafos uses the same marker (an infix, sometimes >>>> in >>>> combination with a prefix too*; and the infix varies in the examples below >>>> because it contains a copy of the previous vowel) to mark words as being >>>> negative, or as being questioned, whether they're wh- words or anything >>>> else. Ex: >>>> >>>> ha-ia-lo-m >>>> leave1-X-leave2-2 >>>> 'You're not leaving.' >>>> >>>> ha-ia-lo-m? (with rising intonation) >>>> leave1-X-leave2-2 >>>> 'Are you leaving?' >>>> (This is not the equivalent of 'you're not leaving?" It's the unmarked way >>>> to ask the question; 'halom?' would only be used as an echo question.) >>>> >>>> p-a-ia-lllo halo-n-sh >>>> X-idiot1-X-idiot2 leave-Sub-3 >>>> 'It's not the idiot who's leaving.' >>>> >>>> p-a-ia-lllo halo-n-sh? >>>> X-idiot1-X-idiot2 leave-Sub-3 >>>> 'Is the *idiot* leaving?' >>>> >>>> gy-iy halo-n-sh? >>>> who-X leave-Sub-3 >>>> 'Who's leaving?' >>>> >>>> Is there one term I can use that covers both the interrogative and >>>> negate-ive properties of this marker? >>>> >>>> Josh >>>> >>>> * Logically there could be a separate term for this combination, as there >>>> is >>>> for prefix + suffix (=circumfix), but I won't even ask.