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Another terminology question

From:JR <fuscian@...>
Date:Friday, May 30, 2008, 0:04
First off, I've decided to use the term 'construct' after all for the Khafos
suffix I asked about last month. Its usage is different from what I'm
familiar with from Hebrew and the like, but I've found that the term is used
for forms of nouns in certain African languages that occur not only with
possessors, but with adjectives, relative clauses, etc. I guess that gives
me license. Thanks to those who helped!

I have another question. Khafos uses the same marker (an infix, sometimes in
combination with a prefix too*; and the infix varies in the examples below
because it contains a copy of the previous vowel) to mark words as being
negative, or as being questioned, whether they're wh- words or anything
else. Ex:

'You're not leaving.'

ha-ia-lo-m? (with rising intonation)
'Are you leaving?'
(This is not the equivalent of 'you're not leaving?" It's the unmarked way
to ask the question; 'halom?' would only be used as an echo question.)

p-a-ia-lllo       halo-n-sh
X-idiot1-X-idiot2 leave-Sub-3
'It's not the idiot who's leaving.'

p-a-ia-lllo       halo-n-sh?
X-idiot1-X-idiot2 leave-Sub-3
'Is the *idiot* leaving?'

gy-iy halo-n-sh?
who-X leave-Sub-3
'Who's leaving?'

Is there one term I can use that covers both the interrogative and
negate-ive properties of this marker?


* Logically there could be a separate term for this combination, as there is
for prefix + suffix (=circumfix), but I won't even ask.


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