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Reminder: Next Bay Area Conlang meetup: Oct 14th

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Monday, October 2, 2006, 6:14
[BCCed to the meetup email list; email me if you want to be on it and
aren't already]

Google Calendar invite:;tmeid=NXB0ZjQ4ZHYwaHRhNDE5aDI4M2podTk0ZThfMjAwNjEwMTRUMjEwMDAwWiBzYWl6YWlAZ21haWwuY29t&amp;tmsrc=c2FpemFpQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ

Confirmed so far: Doug, Chris / twpsyn, Leland, John Q, Yoni, Kelly /
aliothsan, Alex, and me

When: 2nd Saturday every other month (next: Oct 14th '06)
Time: 2pm
Place: Golden Gate Park arboretum

Bring with you:
* picnic blankets
* food and/or drink
* 5 sentences in a conlang (or toylang), translated into English
 - minimally complex, but enough to show off one aspect of the language
 - ... and be enough that, with those 5 sentences, others can recreate
the grammar in question (e.g. tense - I ate the dog, I will eat the
dog, I am eating the dog at the very moment, I am eating the dog but
not right this second because right this second I'm talking but
generally speaking I'm in the middle of it, ...)

Directions courtesy of Leland:
>From the 9th St. GGP entrance per map above:
>From that spot one would walk into the park roughly a block until you
saw the Arboretum entrance on your left, just past the Hall of Flowers etc. On the map, the entrance is just past the intersection of 9th (it appears) and MLK Jr. Drive. Walk into the park, go left around the water fountain, down past the little pond, and off the path into the space between the trees. Look for the conlang flag, per usual.
>From BART, the route is very, very simple: Get off at Civic Center,
change to MUNI, hop on an outbound N and take it to the intersection of 9th Avenue and Judah, which leaves you two blocks south of the 9th Avenue entrance on the map.