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Four things: Was: Comparison of philosophical

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Friday, January 24, 2003, 22:26
(Private response)

> I think that's partly because post-Enlightenment culture thinks of > its values as universal. (As do I, which is why I see so-called > American cultural imperialism as nothing of the sort, but rather > as motivated by a belief in a particular subset of universal > ethicopolitical principles.)
Not always: _Project Censored 2003_, the latest output from Project Censored, notes that an explicit goal of the U.S. government is not merely to get everybody in the world to think like Americans, but to shop like them too. Anyway, I don't see why something is not to be called imperialist merely because it is motivated by such a belief. The British Empire likewise wanted to bring civilization (sometimes in the form of opium) to the heathen.
> I do. For example, I really can't think of any reason not to dismiss > yet another halfbaked euroclone IAL invented and proselytized by someone > who doesn't realize that several thousand people have already done the > exact same thing.
Hmm, in my copious spare time I must cook up one of those (though I will not proselytize it, to be sure). I have concluded on further reflection that xuxuxi is foredoomed, because it has no derivational morphology: the human mind is not going to acquire tens of thousands of morphemes with zero discernable pattern. Thirteen does indeed sound like your speed. -- John Cowan Consider the matter of Analytic Philosophy. Dennett and Bennett are well-known. Dennett rarely or never cites Bennett, so Bennett rarely or never cites Dennett. There is also one Dummett. By their works shall ye know them. However, just as no trinities have fourth persons (Zeppo Marx notwithstanding), Bummett is hardly known by his works. Indeed, Bummett does not exist. It is part of the function of this and other e-mail messages, therefore, to do what they can to create him.


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