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Educational conlanging

From:Fredrik Ekman <ekman@...>
Date:Thursday, August 16, 2007, 15:02
Hello, all!

My name is Fredrik and I live in Sweden. I have actually been a member
here for years, but I doubt if anyone remembers me. I am usually set to
NOMAIL because I lack the stamina to keep up with all the incoming mail
for long. Last time I was active was a couple of years ago, and my main
contribution back then was an analysis of Mike Singleton's conlang The
Ancient Tongue of the Wise for his Midnight computer games.


I am back now to tell you a little bit about my latest adventures in
conlanging. I work as a teacher in English and in my native language
Swedish. As a part of the education in Swedish, I am supposed to teach the
kids (aged about 12-15) a bit of grammar. Only problem: Kids hate grammar.
And why? Well, naturally because the only things anyone ever thought to
feed them were boring rules and even worse exercises.

So I decided to change a bit of that. Several of my pupils now participate
in conlanging activities of various kinds and at various levels. Needless
to say, most enjoy themselves (some tremendously) and they learn lots!

Now, I cannot believe that I was the first one to think this idea up. Has
anyone of you lot ever tried it before? Or heard about it? It would be
interesting to exchange experiences.

I would also like to share my experiences by writing an article on the
subject. However, the journal seems to be out of operation.
Is there another journal or magazine (online or otherwise) about
conlanging? Other suggestions for a venue?

Stay well,



Sai Emrys <sai@...>