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Re : asian hoaxlang

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Date:Saturday, August 21, 1999, 12:41
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 20/08/99 23:50:07  , Ed a =E9crit :

> Extremely elegant, and a little easier for my poor brain to wrap > around than talit. Nicely done. > =20 > Ed
thank you, Ed, but i'm embarassed now. i hope the simplifications i made tonight don't spoil that. quite appart from that i witness that you can get out of tagging tense and gender and gerund and stuff and still have a jakartan bureaucrat dealing bribes and business in such a language. et Padraic a =E9crit :
> Cool! Europanto for the Orient.
did anybody try that ? oh yeah ! now i remember there is one auxlang called "dunya" something. very good one. "dunia" means "world" in indonesian, but i think it's taken as its pali original. as i already wrote, last time i was in cambodia many shopkeepers could chat a few words in indonesian. the only problem i find with indonesian is the lack of formal tag to tell compound words from "independent" words. sample : saya mau beli kain buat pakaian. i want buy fabric make clothes. i want to buy some fabric to make clothes. now just figure out that "kain buat" (fabric make) is a compound word (it is not, but still, can you please be nice and ponder, ok ?). so the sentence would read : "i want to buy some "kain buat" of clothes." this kind of problem seldom arises. but i want to show in my hoaxlang wether words are "independent" or components of a compound. second problem : you don't know whether a verb is a serial verb/adverb or the object of another verb. sample : saya pikir buat pakaian. i think make clothes. 3 possible meanings : "i think (someone) makes clothes" or "i think (while) making clothes" or "i think, which makes clothes". of course you can easily disambiguate by using one more word at the right place and anyway i think anybody can guess the right stuff from context, but still, from an IE viewpoint, this fuziness is unbearable, i can't stand that mess, so i tag "make" as either a serial verb/adverb or an object of "think". and actually i've noticed that the 2 questions are connected (too long to explain) so i use the same tag for compound noun and object verb. mathias