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Re: List of natlangs (was Re: Orthography Question)

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 17, 1998, 22:39
On Tue, 17 Nov 1998, Joshua Shinavier wrote:

> > Yes, I am. Here's a little example of Boarisch: > >=20 > > Unsar Schraibwais vom Boarischn is a unvarbindlihar Vorschl=E5g, wia ma=
' as=20
> > Boarische schraibm kannt, aso das a jedar der wo boarisch redt guat=20 > > vast=EAt, w=E5s gschribm werd. >=20 > Yes, that definitely looks Bavarian. To me almost any dialect sounds rat=
> "farmer John", but as long as its not Schwiizer I don't mind it ;-) >=20 >=20 > > As for my dialect, if you want an example, please see=20 > > > > only the DDR anthem is ready, though! >=20 > Hmm, your very own dialect -- sounds like something for me; no specific > hometown (born in New York, but didn't live there long), no particular pl=
> I've spent the greater part of my life in -- the problem, or the charm of=
> depending on how you look at it, being that everyone you try to talk to i=
n it
> is going to look at you funny and wonder where you're from. > Do you ever just start speaking Wranysch to someone and act perfectly nat=
> about it? You should try it and see if they don't pretend as if they kne=
w what
> dialect it is, just to keep from looking stupid :-)
Actually, I use it all the guy said I was Schwaebisch (I had=20 to laugh inwardly...that's the only Bundesland I haven't been to), while=20 numerous others said that I *have* to be a Volxdeutscher, but they can't=20 pinpoint where. The Archbishop of Vancouver (he's Austrian born in=20 Czernowitz - today that's Chernovtsy in Ukraine) said that my German is=20 like a dialect atlas of the German language...quite an accurate statement. -------ferke Ferenc Gy. Valoczy Es to pilni'gi noliedzu! Personal page: Tu-134 page: railways page: conlang page: Uralica: Zaradi politicnega delovanja je oblast v letu 1982 razpustila: Svobodo (Laibach)