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Bilabial click (in reply to Rob Nierse)

From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, January 26, 2002, 9:29
--- Rob Nierse <rnierse@...> wrote:

>>>Matt wrote:
" To Rob Nierse - I'm not sure about the circle with a dot in it on one of your conlangs (nGwbia? don't have it before me...). I think this is a click phoneme, but can you let me know (even privately) what that sound is? " < It is a click, a bilabial one. Kiss in the air and you have the sound. The /c/, /x/ and /q/ are clicks too.> Nice to see you online, Rob! How are things? Finally, I picked that up that /c/ /x/ /q/ are categorized as clicks in nGwbia although I cannot say that I understand all the grammar explanations. *blush* A bit over my head at this point in time. As for the click, thanks for teaching me. Yikes! The thought of a people running around town, making kissing motions to each other in the middle of the street just to say something like "I'm hungry"... :-) Well, then again, it all really depends on the conculture, doesn't it. The more I hear about clicks, and I have actually heard them produced while watching a program last year about the Amharban (? spelling wrong I think ?) language of Kenya, there is no doubt that my attempts at conlang'ing will not incorporate them. I know some members of this list love clicks and tones, but not this one.... :-I < If you want to hear clicks, I have a text sample of a language called Ju|'hoansi copied from the Internet together with a mp3 file > Kind of you to offer... if you want to provide it for the list, sure. Don't go to any trouble just for me though... I'm definitely not fond of click-incorporating or tonal languages! (PS. that's why I quit with Thai is because I couldn't stand the rising and falling tones... grrr!) Changing topic, I noticed while perusing through all these emails that someone said in some email something to the degree that Norwegians have a tonal language...?! Is that so?! Can you elaborate? I'm totally enamoured now by Danish (yes, Lars, I want to learn the language so I can come back next time and be able to make close friends - even if everyone speaks English, it's nice to tell jokes in the local tongue!), so to hear that Norwegian is tonal suggests to me that Danish would be too!?? Hmm, didn't think so but... M.E.S. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Great stuff seeking new owners in Yahoo! Auctions!


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