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Re: promiscuity & fidelity (was: Re: everything under the sun)

Date:Saturday, July 12, 2008, 1:29
> [] On Behalf Of And Rosta
> Faithful monogamy, I attest from experience, is no guarantor > of fluency or even of the potentiality of fluency; I'm like > one of those bikers whose bike is forever in pieces in the > garage as it is repeatedly built and unbuilt, and so never > permits one to ride it, never to feel the wind through the > hair. ...
That's actually a pretty good analogy, but you can still take the bike for a ride even those it may not have all the fancy chrome on it yet. It the motor starts and the wheels are attached why not take it for a ride. For me it's not just moving between projects that prevents any one from completion but time. I'm sure most of us have responsibilities to work and such. I also have other interests that compete for my time, including hobbies that I put above conlanging though they don't seem to get allocated much time either. Conlanging is my "lazy" hobby for when I'm home and not motivated to do any requiring physical activity.