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Re: In search of a term

From:jesse stephen bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 18:47
Yoon Ha Lee sikayal:

> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Scott W. Hlad wrote: > > > Salutations, > > > > What is the opposite of "intensive?" Often there is an intensive particle in > > a given language, making its antecedent stronger. I'm actually using this in > > my positive compartitive issue, making it broad enough to cover any > > antecdent be it verb noun adverb adjective etc. > > I've seen "attenuative" and I use both intensive and attenuative > verb-forms in my conlang, mainly because I saw the idea somewhere (Rick > Morneau's essays, perhaps?) and liked the idea.
One of the earliest forms of my conlang had this, too, but I called it "Dissipative." That's probably wrong, though. Jesse S. Bangs "It is of the new things that men tire--of fashions and proposals and improvements and change. It is the old things that startle and intoxicate. It is the old things that are young." -G.K. Chesterton _The Napoleon of Notting Hill_ Conlanger code: CLI> l%p+++ cS:R:N:H a++ y n18d:6 X+++ A-- E-- L-- N2.5 Idmp k++ ia-- p+ m++ o+++ P d++ b++ Yivríndil