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imagining language(s)& possible concultures

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Sunday, May 7, 2000, 18:00
In a message dated 2000/05/07 09:49:20 AM, Andrew Smith, Intheologus

>Rioting in alternative histories! Yay! > >> Would the Federation have left it at that or gone on into Persia to smash >> the Empire at its heart? >> >I think you would need leadership that recognises that a future >resurgent Persia would threaten the Federation. Either Persia would >need to be pacified or a buffer zone created. > >Does hellenization occur in the Middle East and Central Asia? If there >wasn't I would question whether the Abrahamic religions as we understand >them could have come into existence. >
Perhaps if the Jews had a strong alliance with the Greeks - or were under some kind of protectorate autonomy under the Greeks, that could be a fragile buffer zone (& this supposing that the Arabic tribes remained fragmented & more concerned with fighting sporadic tribal wars with each other & the Jews). And perhaps the Empire of Asoka [remember my original premise of the India n Asokan empire not ending?], a Kurdic tribal confederation, & the "Eternal" T'ang Dynasty Empire of China join against Persia... to maintain the free flow of trade & cultures along the Silk Road. I think Persia is somewhat out-numbered & out-gunned - even if the Persians somehow subjugated the Turkic & Arabic people & forced them into conscripted armies =)
>> Such a Hellenic Federation, it would seem to me, would be less likely to be >> interested in northern Gaul or Britain than the Romans were, so Gallic >> could've survived in northern Gaul (tho I think the English model would >> suggest that it eventually the Frankish German dialect would've established >> itself there). >> >Maybe Northern Gaul would have been the equivalent of Roman Age Ireland, >picking up the trade it wants from the Federation but ensuring that it >stays outside of its hegemony. It might have peacefully become >hellenized rather than being conquered forcefully. A vassel state >rathter than a province. The British in this history might not be >dependent on imperial forces to protect them and might have kept the >Angles out. > > >> Oh yes, and in this world, there'd have been no Brithenig either ;) > >No, but there might have been a Brythonic language with a Anglo-saxon >superstrata spoken across southern Britain. >
::hmm, intriguing:::