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Re: Diacritics (Was: Re: Yûomaewec: Example and evaluation)

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Thursday, August 15, 2002, 4:35
H. S. Teoh wrote:

> I personally don't like diacritics when I have to remember them, but I > love them when there are so many of them they look like textual > decorations.
The biggest argument against diacritics from an English speaker's point of view, in my opinion, is the impact on handwriting if you're not used to them. First, they slow one's writing down, second, leaving room for them makes one's writing tend to waviness, and third, the diacritic on (á) is easily confused with a comma on the line above. Gzarondan uses one diacritic, appearing on or under certain consonants: Letter Without diacritic With diacritic ------ ----------------- -------------- b /b/ /mb/ d /d/ /nd/ p /p/ /mp/ k /k/ /xk/ t /t/ /nt/ Adrian.


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