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CHAT: Handles/netnames (was: I need an artist ::: andarticles)

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Monday, January 18, 1999, 22:04
Eric Christopherson wrote:

> taliesin the storyteller wrote: > > > > >Random thought: What kind of a Conlinguini creates a conlang > > >in which his own netname cannot be pronounced? > > ^^^^^^^ > > What do ppl think about the concept 'netname'? With it, I > > mean the nicks/aliases/tags/'nyms/handles/whatever that some > > of us (including me) insist on using while online. > > > > tal. > > A better question: What do we think of the concept of conlinguini? :D > But seriously, although I use the handle Freakkoon (long story) on IRC > and other chat media, I prefer go by my real name. Of course, any chat > network is going to have lots of "Eric"s and I don't like stuff like > "EricC534," so I use a nickname.
I've found "Chlewey" to be unique enough (look at Altavista or something)... but I have some problems trying to use it in many languages. Of course I've sketched languages where /'xlju:i/ is posible, but they would most probably not be writen, nor romanized as "chlewey"... Actually the conection orthography-pronunciation of "Chlewey" is quite ood and had elements of English (one of the most ood languages in the conection orthography-pronunciation) mixed with... German?... Well... mayby some day I would sketch a language where the natural pronunciation fo "chlewey" would be /'xlju:i/... let's say: {ch}=/x/, {l}=/l/, {ew}=/ju:/, {ey}=/i/, accent either on first syllabe or on second last syllabe. -- Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzsn ITEC-Telecom, Colombia