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Re: CHAT: Handles/netnames (was: I need an artist ::: andarticles)

From:Carlos Thompson <cthompso@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 19, 1999, 21:22
Padraic Brown wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Eric Christopherson wrote: > > taliesin the storyteller wrote: > > > >Random thought: What kind of a Conlinguini creates a conlang > > > >in which his own netname cannot be pronounced? > > > ^^^^^^^ > > > What do ppl think about the concept 'netname'? With it, I > > > mean the nicks/aliases/tags/'nyms/handles/whatever that some > > > of us (including me) insist on using while online. > > > tal. > > I am somewhat ambivalent regarding "netnames". I can understand and > sympathise with those who use them for protecting their privacy > (legitimately); or for purposes of gaming (ST RPGs come to mind); or in > "clubs" (like ours).
For me "Chlewey" and "Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzo'n" are sinonims(sp?) (they both reffer to the same concept), but I wouldn't call "Chlewey" a netname... the word "Chlewey" exists from time before I knew about the existence of Internet. About clubs... in Hangkerim there is a kind of association very common that I've translated as Club. When Hangkerimians grow up, they leave theirs families as their primary association and join groups of interests or proffesional groups. Usually a Hangkerimian will get a name when joining his/her club... some decide to keep the name given by their parents but many of them make up some name or are given a name by the club... something like a nickname. They will usually been known in their clubs by their club names. And will be probably known by people outside by the name of the club. Then the average adult Hangkerimian would carry four names: one name given by their parents and which he/she would be known in their families. the family name of the mother whish will be passed to the next generetion, seldom used by male adults. the club name, chosed or imposed, sometimes the same as the given or family name the name of the club adjectivised Oficially an adult will only be known by their given+family name. After many clubs forbide (or simply sugest not to do) internal mariages, the name Hangkerimians would use in their new families would be the names given by their parents. But must adults would present themselves with their club names.
> I would prefer to see a real name, however, since I > view the constant use of "netnames" in the same light as people who wear > dark glasses all the time
I like dark glasses too.
> or like a mask: it's a way of hiding what's real > behind what's fake and sneaking about. Though it's better than people who > don't even bother to sign their messages. That's just common courtesy, > and it lets the reader know who said what without having to resort to > untangling frequently garbled email addresses at the top.
-- Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzon ITEC-Telecom, Colombia