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Me and my conlanging years (summer of me and my conlang string)

From:Patrick Jarrett <seraph@...>
Date:Monday, September 10, 2001, 10:15
Okay well I took up the challenge of gathering all ages and conlanging years and here is the result

People gathered from:
      Jim H 
      Peter Ramsey 
      Patrick Jarrett 
      Jesse Bangs 
      Robert Hallman 
      Roger Mills 
      Christian Thalman 
      D Bell 
      Steve Kramer 
      Andrew Chaney 
      Thomas Wier 
      David Peterson 
      Andreas Johansson 
      Marcus Smith 

Sorted by Age:
      Robert Hallman 16 
      Patrick Jarrett 17 
      Jesse Bangs 19 
      Andreas Johansson 19 
      Andrew Chaney 20 
      David Peterson 20 
      Christian Thalman 21 
      Thomas Wier 22 
      Marcus Smith 24 
      Steve Kramer 35 
      Andrew 35 
      Jim H 51 
      D Bell 58 
      Peter Ramsey 59 
      Roger Mills 67 

Padraic's and Sally's ages were unknown to me so they are not rated

Sorted by years Conlanging

      D Bell (Gray Wiz) 58 45 
      Peter Ramsey 59 40 
      Sally  40 
      Roger Mills 67 25 
      Padraic  17.5 
      Marcus Smith 24 12 
      Andrew 35 10 
      Thomas Wier 22 6 
      Andreas Johansson 19 5 
      Jim H 51 4 
      Robert Hallman 16 2 
      David Peterson 20 0.916666 
      Patrick Jarrett 17 0.75 
      Andrew Chaney 20 0.5 
      Christian Thalman 21 0.5 
      Steve Kramer 35 0.25 

And I did not have any value for Jesse Bangs' years conlanging

Now for the averages:
Average age: 32.2 years
Average years conlanging: 13.09 years

If you wish to be added to this sheet please email me (
with your name, age and years conlanging! I know we have more than 17 people
active on the list. I will post again when I receive more information!



Andrew Chaney <adchaney@...>