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From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 3, 1998, 19:46
Sally Caves wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Nov 1998, Robert J. Petry wrote: > > [kut] > > Also: I realize I know very little about auxlangs, and would like to hear > a defense of them (see survey in other post). They don't appeal to me > because I'm a loner not a joiner, if I paint I want to do the painting > myself and not a join a group of other painters, same goes for writing > fiction, and I want to be free to make my language as difficult or as > politically incorrect as I feel disposed to do. I design cities that way. > They've still got their slums. In my stories about future cities, there > are still insurmountable problems. I think, basically, that I'm not > utopian. And that's the real difference, perhaps, between what I do and > what you do.
I'm not sure in some ways if there is much difference between auxlangs and conlangs. Perhaps it is the end result in mind that really makes the difference. That's more the expertise of others to explain than me I think. However, in your use of language ideas as "painting" being a loner thing. Perhaps many, if not most start from scratch projects are that way, for at one time Z. had to develop his ideas, and J. and DW, etc. And, I don't recall these having been done by committee. So you are in good company. But, your desired end product is different. As far as writing stories as fiction and using your language, I think that's a great idea. In fact, I am working on the idea of a SciFi story using Speedwords as the lin for the story. My wife loves the concept I have for the story, but you know how difficult it is to get the story from the mind to the hand to the typewriter or computer. And, how different it comes out versus the original thought or visualization. Thankfully, there is a technique called rewriting and editing. Al l sue, Bob, x+