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Yer ugly.......

From:Daniel Ryan Prohaska <daniel@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 30, 2003, 12:58
 From: Dan Ryan Prohaska <daniel@...>

Your first name: Daniel Ryan
Your last name: Prohaska
Alias *
Your e-mail address:
Conlang(s); Sealandic, Limba Ladina
Natlang(s); English, German, Cornish, Low German, (-) Fench, (-) Dutch,
(-)             Icelandic;
Your homepage address:
A picture of you:
Your gender:            male
Your birthday           28.03.1973
Your country            Austria
Your state/province     Vienna
Occupation                      Actor/Singer
Tell something about yourself
(Other) interests               Natlangs, Conlangs, Artlangs
Option to hide e-mail from the public: NEGATIVE

See ya