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New project: Quaelitz (Eurasian elf)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 21:19
Well I left the list for a while, my monitor fried on me and I had to get
another. Much better on my eyes.

I had decided to give up conlanging for a while and concentrating on
building my concultures -- then somehow felt compelled to get a conlang
out there. The elves of Quaelitistan speak a language probably related to
North Caucasian (and hence Sino-Caucasian if such a macrofamily exists).
Since I do have a copious number of PNC roots (from Sergei Starostin's
Tower of Babel), I have an instant vocabulary. I'll use it as a working
model, but the langauge in its finished form (if I get that far) will be
a good bit different; I don't want to plagerize Starostin's hard work.

A brief intro to Quaelitz:

A polysynthetic, ergative language with a huge consonant phonology like
North Caucasian and a very complex verb system like Ket-Yenisseyan.
Features of Sino-Tibetan (most likely syntax) will be incorporated
eventually. What is frightening me about the consonants is the occurance
of doubled consonants as initials, not to mention consonants followed by
glottals and pharyngeals (there are *twelve* laryngeals in all, six plus
six labialized). And without these, there is still the trinity of
voiceless-voiced-ejective for stops/affricates in the labial, dental,
alveolar sibilant, retroflex sibilant, lateral, palatal, velar, uvular,
pharyngeal and glottal ranges. And most consonants have labialized
(w-colored) counterparts to boot. I expect a total consonant inventory of
well over a hundred. At least there are only 18-20 vowels (9-10 short and

I have a lot more to learn about Ket verbalism, and the only detailed
description, also by Starostin, is in Russian, a language I have only a
casual knowledge of. I can understand technical terms (i.e. I know what
"fonologija" and "sintaks" look like in Cyrillic) though. I see some
shared features in Georgian (a language I know even less).

Since I'm almost sure this language is going to be mostly suffixal, I can
come up with some rough translations of the Babel Text, etc.

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