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Re: Any Tone Languages Out There?

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Date:Friday, May 21, 1999, 7:33
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 21/05/99 06:32:58  , Steg a =E9crit :

> > >I've always assumed that "ad nauseum" meant "until you're sick of it", =
> > >analogy with English "nauseous". But the _ad_ i always thought of as > > >"until", because of Hebrew _`ad_. But that's pretty is > > >_ad_ really "to", maybe where "a" in Spanish comes from?
Reminds me of a simple map of Latin lative cases I used for Tunu. But it was=20 too many new verbal classifiers mostly not related to semantic field of noun= s=20 so I gave up. Have a look at Watyaisa or Christophe's Notya for a full map. ACC : in direction to the base ABL : away from the base +ACC ad =3D to or until the base or its location in =3D into the base trans =3D into and throughout the base per =3D through the base +ABL=20 de =3D from the base ab =3D from location of the base ex =3D from inside the base in =3D inside the base Mathias