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Conlang history

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 23, 1999, 9:57
>>> Barry Garcia <Barry_Garcia@...> 11/21 2:36 >>> writes:
>I wonder what motivated the love for conlanging in other list >members... are there similar threads that we can identify as >positive influences and I'm interested in knowing if we got hooked >to our secret vice at similar or different ages.
Well i'm probably the odd one out here, because I was never inspired to start conlanging because of Tolkien, partly because I still haven't even read any of his books. ----------- Same for me. I've never read Tolkien. I got interested when I read an interview with Boudewijn about Denden. Thought it was weird. So I phoned him an asked him about his languages. I starteed to feel goo dwhen I read about what he said about paintings: same people like nature so good, that they make pictures of it same people like languages so good, they start making grammars. So I thought: let's have a start and made up a language that had all cases I knew of. Later on it became a language that suited my conworld. Now I am on this list for some time and conlanging is my major hobby. I like it more and more...