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Phonology idea?

From:Paul Bennett <paul.bennett@...>
Date:Friday, September 24, 1999, 19:29
An idea came to me earlier today for a possible phonology for a new conlang:

Words (or maybe phrases?) in the lang (provisionally titled m"/21aw) consist of
a constant "syllabic" nasal (pronounced as far back as possible), with several
tones, simultaneous clicks, and an open...closed, rounded/unrounded distinction
in lip position.

A possible ASCII romanisation might be:

? Bilabial
! Alveolar
= Palatoalveolar
' Front Retroflex
" Back Retroflex
A Lateral Click is shown by following a symbol by a stroke /
A Doubly-articulated click of Bilabial plus one other is shown by {m} before the
click, to avoid confusion between (eg) /m!/ and /?/ /!/

1 thru 3 represent Low thru High, gliding pitches follow eachother in order, ie
12 = Low Rising, 23 = Mid Rising, 32 = High Falling
0 represents a glottal closure (i.e. clicks only against a silent background)
Tone marks are only noted when there is a change of tone (including a change to
or from the "0-tone", aka silence)

Lip shapes:
Basically, (from close to open, as unrounded) the shapes are {i,e,u,a} followed
by {w} to show rounding.

Is this too odd to be a human lang?  What about a ritual or secret lang?  (I
guess _nothing_ is too weird to be a secret lang??)


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