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Teaching Reading in Hebrew (was Evolution)

From:Dan Sulani <dnsulani@...>
Date:Monday, May 27, 2002, 15:51
On 26 May, Raymond Brown wrote:

>I can see no gain in continuing this. Please > consider this thread closed.
Aw, Ray! Just when I was gettting up a head of steam in order to rant against my "favorite" method of teaching reading over here! :-) Guess I'll just have to start my own thread! Although the regular way of teaching reading in Hebrew in Israel involves first teaching fully voweled texts and only in higher grades, removing the vowels (the pedegogical reasons for doing it this way I do not know), there does, unfortunately IMNSHO, exist another method where the child is taught to read right from the beginning without vowels. This method draws heavily, as might be expected, upon the child's expertise with the language. What bothers me is not so much the method itself, but the fact that, in the schools where it is taught, no other method of reading is allowed! Now while this may or may not have some merit with native speakers, it is pure hell for new immigrants who have _no_ native intuitions regarding the lang! I rant because I have seen the (extremely adverse :-P) effects on more than one of the kids I treat who enter school here in 3rd or even 4th grade with absolutely no idea how to read Hebrew and no hope of ever learning! Even worse when the kid has a language disorder making the acquisition of language per se difficult! I still remember a new immigrant in the third-grade who _I_ had to go back and teach how to read --- with all the vowel markings! He had little spoken Hebrew and even less native intuition and could not learn to read by "learning the shapes" of words which he did not know! Dan Sulani -------------------------------------------------------- likehsna rtem zuv tikuhnuh auag inuvuz vaka'a A word is an awesome thing.