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Re: Selenites (was Re: equinox)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Monday, October 12, 1998, 1:35
Steven R. Martindale wrote:
> Well, simply for health reasons they would likely need to spend extra time > exercising and in centrifuges. This would I expect let them go to Earth, > even if they had been born on the moon.
Nope. Look at our astronauts, even tho they excersize a great deal in space, and they are very fit to begin with, they still have health problems when they return to Earth. Their bones have less calcium, their muscles are atrophied, their muscles are *different* - "changing from slow-twitch fibers that are useful for support against gravity to faster contractile fibers, useful for rapid response." - Scientific American, Sept. 1998. Also, they lose blood fluid, and other changes. Centrifuges, I suppose, might ameliorate that if they were used enough, but I doubt they would - what would be the point? These changes probably don't have an effect on anyone who *stays* in space, they only cause problems when the astronauts return to Earth. There are problems in zero gravity that are inherent to zero gravity, such as redistribution of body fluids, and those would probably, to a lesser extent, be felt in low gravity, but would they be felt by those born to it? I doubt it. And we don't even know how effective excersize is in space at preventing atrophying of muscles. Moon-people would probably be restricted to Moon and maybe Mars. Earth would be too much gravity. Besides, even if they could, would they want to? Even if they could survive the gravity, that gravity would be extremely uncomfortable. Imagine going to a foreign country, and being forced to drag five times your body weight around, even the strongest person would tire. Unless some form of anti-gravity is possible, Earth would be off-limits to them. -- "A silent mouth is sweet to hear" - Irish proverb ICQ: 18656696 AOL: NikTailor