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Re: META: Re: CONLANG jargon WAS: How to spell a gesture

From:Damian Yerrick <tepples@...>
Date:Saturday, February 19, 2005, 21:40
Quoting Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>:

> ANADEW - A Natlang Already Does it, Except Worse
OR as a noun, "[something that] A Natlang Already Does Except Worse".
> artlang - Any conlang that is not an auxlang > auxlang - An intrinsically doomed project ;-)
More seriously, a conlang intended as an auxiliary language, such as Volapük, Esperanto, Ido, Novial, Latino sine flexione, etc.
> engelang - An engineered language. I'm not sure of the exact shade of > meaning implied.
A conlang designed to have some specific testable properties, such as a loglang.
> romlang - Latin-derived Conlang
Which is a subset of the following:
> ielang - PIE-derived Conlang
If Weebl and Bob were conlangers, would they prefer the PIE-based action of ielangs? -- Damian