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Re: USAGE: Latin syllables

From:David Barrow <davidab@...>
Date:Friday, June 13, 2003, 10:40
John Cowan wrote:

> Mark J. Reed scripsit: > > > "However, a stop a liquid count as a single consonant and go with > > the following vowel." There's also a note that this rule may be > > broken for purposes of poetical meter, reverting to the general > > "last consonant goes with the second vowel" case; thus "integrum" > > could appear in a line of a poem where a light/heavy/light pattern > > were called for. Seems like cheating to me, though. :) > > "I don't see why poetic license should entitle a man to get something wrong." > --Harold Ross, original editor of the _New Yorker_ > > Vulgar Latin apparently didn't have this rule: TE-ne-bras (darkness.ACC) > became in Spanish te-NEb-ra. >
ti-NIE-bla from ti-NIE-bra from the Latin. I've never come across tenebra as a Spanish word and it's not mentioned in my etymology dictionary. In any case the syllable split would be te-NE-bra in Spanish. David Barrow