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Re: juvenalia

From:deini nxtxr <deinx.nxtxr@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 18:16
> [] On Behalf Of Benct Philip Jonsson
> > > and changed most of the suffixes > > > likewise so that adjectives were marked with <-ik> > > rather than <-a>, > > > > I remained faithful to Zamenhof's -a :) > > I also went over to -ik in my Juvenile Esperantid, only to > later go over to -i when I realized that many European > languages had a very similar adjective > ending: -y in English, -i and/or -y in the Slavic Languages, > -ig pronunced [I] in the Scandinavian languages, -ig > pronounced [IC] in German and -io/-ia in Italian and Spanish. > I even had a notion that something similar occurred in some > Eastern languages, (viz. Israeli, Saudi, Irani, Hindi). This > meant an overhaul of the verbal system: the infinitive became > -er, the present -ar, the past -ir and the future -ur (so > that _futur_ meant "it will become"! :-), and -s became the > plural ending which could be added to nouns and adjectives alike. > I don't remember ATM what I did to the conditional and > jussive endings, but I know for sure I changed them.
Also the nominative-masculine in Slavic languages ending in /-i/, /-ij/ or something similar. Most of my auxlangs now use "-i". It's not just more universal, but also more euphonic. Even Deini which is heavily influenced by those earliest concepts uses "-i" as a means of converting another POS into an adjective. I'm now favoring isolating structures in most of my auxlangs so tense marking is done through adverbs of time. I barely remember my fist creation's system but present tense verbs ended with <-e> /-@/, past in <-de> /-d@/, infinitive in <-en> /-@n/ and the participles in <-ent-> /-@nt-/. Agent nouns used <-er> /-@r/. I'm not sure about the conditional either, but it was likely removed or maybe just something I never addressed. My creation was more of a relex than anything else though I do remember adding an indefinite article <en> (also the numeral "one").