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Re: Kioshu update, plea for help.

From:Jeff Goguen <princetaliesin@...>
Date:Sunday, October 13, 2002, 4:22
Nik Taylor wrote:

>Phonology: >Are the stops aspirated or unaspirated?
>Is the L velarized or unvelarized?
>What is "kh"?
Ah...this is an oversight on my part. The thing I show as "K" is what I intended for "KH". I'll get right on that.
>Is there no "a"?
Yes, believe it or not, there is no "a"...go ahead and critisize me if you like...sometimes I kick myself for that one too, but I'm sticking to my guns on that one. :-)
>You have two different values given for "oi"
Why, so I do...again, another oversight...I need to remove one of those.
>Where's the stress?
Generally, second to last syllable, although the glottal stop ' might affect that.
>How do numbers work? To write 42, for example, would you write "4" then >"2"? Or is it "4", "10", "2"?
Actually...there are some simple rules about that, and I will be adding those soon. As an example, though... 10 is a circle, so 40 is the symbol for 4 inside of a circle. 42 would be a 4 inside a circle all followed by the symbol for 2.
>Can multiple adjectives be prefixed to a noun? >How would you say "I will go very quickly"? Would it be "Gu mith >Ushisheichiv"?
Okay, since adjectives and adverbs are virtually the same in Kioshu, I'm assuming these last questions go together. Yes, you can put multiple adjectives onto nouns...or adverbs onto verbs, as your example asks. And, by the way, your example is correct. That is exactly how you would say, "I will go very quickly." Thank you very much for these questions. I see that there's a lot of stuff I probably should clear up. Actually, a lot of the questions you asked have to do with parts of the website I wrote a while ago. They've been up so long, I've forgotten to go back and add these important details as I progress. I'll be updating the site soon to include these details. Thanks for having a look and noticing these things. Which reminds me, If you or anyone has any suggestions about my question in the first post, I would be very grateful. I both love and hate coming up against really tough challenges...although, maybe this one isn't so tought to some. If not, I'd appreciate some feedback! Thanks again! Jeff