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Accent Terminology Question

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Friday, October 11, 2002, 7:30
I've been working on a phonology description for a possible new language
which uses a pitch accent. There are 2 pitch levels, simplifying things a
it. There are 3 types of stressed/accented syllables that can occur,
besides unstressed/unaccented syllables. The latter have low pitch. The 1st
type of accent has a high followed by a low in the same syllable. I'm
calling this "circumflex accent". In the 2nd type, the accented syllable is
all high, with the next syllable (any any subsequent) having low pitch. I'm
calling this "acute accent".
First of all, I'm wondering if there are any objections to this terminology
so far.
The 3rd type of accent applies to certain monosyllabic words. These have a
high pitch, which is maintained in the following word (instead of the
normal low pitch) up to _its_ accented syllable, which is handled normally.
Now, my main question is, what do I call this type of accent? It seems to
be something very basic that I should know already, but don't.

Some examples, in case it helps. High pitch moras are upper case.

circumflex: SAa, te.KAe, gif.tom.BOa
acute:, JOU.del, ke.TON.di,, GAS.ti.res
(3rd type): SUF TE.NE.KAA.ta, CE BOM.MOu

Jeff J.