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Poll by Email No. 18

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, July 6, 2002, 15:33
        Well, after the whole "Conlangers are evil culture vultures," I was tempted
to make a poll defining your role in the Conlang Conspiracy (Cabal? And
what's the Japanese word--starts with a "k"--that means a "business cabal" or
something like that?), but good taste prevailed, much to my disappointment.
        However, the poll question I was intending to use (before this all started)
happens to fit in nicely with Ms. Gunn's accusation that we're all 'Mercians.
(Coincidence, I swear.) I was going to ask, "Where are you from?" but then
people like Christophe would go bananas with that one. So, I shall be more
specific: where is your citizenship? (For people with dual-citizenship, pick
the country that you are living in now, of if you don't have citizenship in
_that_ country, pick the country that you would prefer to live in. Gaa--see
what hurdles you people make me go through?)
        I am a citizen of:
        A. A country in Western Europe.
        B. A country in Central Europe.
        C. A country in Eastern Europe.
        D. A country in the Middle East.
        E. A country in the Far East.
        F. A country in North Africa.
        G. A country in Sub-Saharan African.
        H. A country in the Austronesian/South Pacific region.
        I. A country in South America.
        J. A country in Central America.
        K. A country in North America.
        L. Other.


The Rules:
1. Reply to with your poll choice. DO NOT POST TO THE
2. If you desire, include a longer response in your email, outlining your
thoughts on the question.
3. By including a long response, you grant permission for your response to be
posted to the mailing list. If for some reason you wish to keep your response
private, please make that clear in the body of your email.
4. I reserve the right to edit your response for space and content. Not all
responses may be published.
5. All poll answers, however, will be accounted for. Multiple votes will not
count, you cheater. Hedging answers will be pounded into the closest category.
6. This is not scientific by any stretch of the imagination.
7. Poll topics welcome.
8. The poll results and a selection of responses will be posted next
Saturday, 13 July, along with a new poll question.


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