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CHAT: Results of Poll by Email No. 17

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, July 6, 2002, 15:06
        The most popular poll yet, with 38 responses! In creating this poll, I forgot
to include an option for "bi" or "poly." (Don't ask me what "poly" is, a
certain person who shall remain anonymous wouldn't explain herself.) I
flipped a coin and decided to consider them gay for the purposes of
statistical sanity.

        A. Clean-shaven (or a woman), straight, and right-handed. (19 responses, 50%)
        B. Bearded. (8 responses, 21%)
        C. Bearded and gay. (4 responses, 11%)
        D. Bearded and left-handed. (0 responses, 0%)
        E. Gay. (2 responses, 5%)
        F. Gay and left-handed. (1 response, 3%)
        G. Left-handed. (3 responses, 8%)
        H. Bearded, gay, and left-handed. (1 response, 3%)

        Carlos Thompson (and others) had some trouble deciding their beardedness:
"Well, I am definitively a straight righ-handed.  Now, anything from
clean-shaven to beared according to how I negociate my shaving with my
wife.  ;)"
        Likewise, Marcus Smith has been forced to remain clean-shaven: "I'm
clean-shaven because my girlfriend insists, not by choice. I was a
left-handed child until the public schools got a hold of me and I learned to
do everything with my right hand." Well, look on the bright side: at least no
one is insisting that you change your sexual preference...

        Hanuman Zhang wrote, "fuzzy-faced part-time, currently celibate/asexual, and
at least 51% ambidextrous." Right-o, "A" it is. ;> (Who says you can't pound
a square peg into a round hole? You just need a large enough mallet, that's

        Christophe Grandsire seems to have become a conlang-groupie: "Hehe, last time
it came up, I answered F. But with my little change of looks, I am now
definitely H." Shockingly enough, he was the only one that answered "H"! Hate
to tell this to you, Christophe, but the demographic patterns have changed.

        Steg Belsky mentioned that he is not left-handed and Jan van Steenbergen (a
lefty) was hasty to add that he is not Lithuanian. I guess some people
remembered my extreme prejudice against left-handed Lithuanians... :)

        David Peterson apperently has some extreme feelings against facial hair: "I'd
rather pick up garbage *with my teeth* than grow facial hair." Now why don't
you tell us how you _really_ feel? :)

        Hmm. This was indeed a very interesting poll. By the numbers, 8 of the
respondants are gay/bi/otherwise inclined ("mostly straight" respondants
were, on a coin toss, thrown into the straight category. Sorry.) That comes
out to about 21%, which is higher than the 2%-10% average usually given
(depending upon who's counting and how and where.) Lefties, on the other hand
(ha!) came in at 13% (10% is the usual average.) In other words, conlangers
(according to this very unscientific poll) are queerer (pun intended) than
the average population, but other than that, there is no "Conlanger"
        And for all you people who apologized for your "A"ness: stop that! :) You
came in at 50%--if anything, you're the most common type of conlanger.
        This was certainly a fun poll. Thanks to all who participated, and stay tuned
for Poll by Email No. 18!


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