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Con-olympics (was: Checking on things...)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, September 18, 2000, 4:20
Danny Wier wrote:
>2) The Olympics have begun!! I thought Seattle was impressive when I >visited there in mid-1998, but Sydney is really winning me over.
Indeed, a beautiful city, that has a forever warm place in my heart-- it was my reintroduction to Western Civ. after the year in Indonesia. First purchase, a very heavy sweater (it was August), first meal a huge veal parmiggiana with a whole bottle of wine, dessert, espresso and an anisette. Heaven.
>If the Olympics were to be held in the homeland of any conculture or >conlang-speaking nation, what would the native sports be (and of course >the origin of the names of each sport), and which existing sports would >be your best bets for gold medals?
Curiously enough, though not a sports fan, I've thought about this. There would be no practical way to hold Cindu-wide games, since Kash are almost twice the size of Gwr. The Kash could probably outdo us in things like weightlifting, wrestling (more or less Greco-Roman style). They also run, fence, shoot, throw things, and have a few team sports resembling soccer, baseball and volleyball. Sailing races, yes; whether rowing, I don't know-- they're very heavy (average 200 lbs+). Swimming is enjoyed, but whether there would be much point in racing is debatable (times would be slow, due to weight + furriness-- and nobody would even DREAM of shaving off the fur). The Gwr, up there in the Frozen North, have probably devised things like skiing, skating, snow-shoeing, toboggans etc, plus their versions of all the above. I think about the only event where there could be equal competition would be marksmanship. As to truly _native_ sports, haven't gone there. All this, BTW, is definitely at a very amateur level. Vocab. so far: weightlifting: andukrece (lit. pick-up iron); swim, nawus, backstroke nawus shelum, butterfly nawus rini (; dive necu rini (jump fly); to compete munuk; to race munuk yama (; fence mucoware (..+sword); wrestle murendik (..+twist)