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mQlo`, mql21aw, m"/21aw ... whatever! (was Re: Betreft: Re: Jaars IPA Helper)

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Thursday, January 13, 2000, 16:14
On 13 Jan 00, at 14:08, Rob Nierse wrote:

> >>> Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...> 01/13 2:00 >>> > >> While we're on wierd consonant distinctions, mQlo` has the > <snip> > did you change the name again? >
Not since the beginning of November, or thereabouts. I published an updated phonology in a post entitled "The rebirth of m"/21aw as mQlo`" or somesuch -- ah, here it is: and the obligatory corrections (just 2 messages later!): It turns out from reading those that the published name was {mql21aw} after all, and not {mQlo`}. The later is what occurs in all my files on the lang, so I guess I must have changed it at some point and forgotten to tell everyone. Sorry. Actually, I think I'd better post the latest orthography, (which has actually evolved again during all this talk about using {p},{b} for /p_h/,/p/) just to keep you up to date. Stops and Clicks (in that order): b p Bilabial d t Alveolar z s Palatoalveolar qh xh Front Retroflex (qlh and xlh when lateralsed) q x Back Retroflex {l} and {m} as previously noted, i.e. lateralisation and prenasalisation/co-bilabialism. Capitalisation of words with {m} occurs on the effected consonant rather than the {m}. Tones: ASCII - typeset - meaning a^ - caret - high a~ - tilde - high->mid a - nil - mid a` - grave - mid->low a_ - underscore/caret-below - low a' - acute - low->mid a" - umlaut/double-acute - mid->high For {_} and {"}, the latter alternatives (caret-below and double-acute) are the prefered orthography, but either form for each is acceptable. Vowels: Basically, (from close to open) the vowels are notated by {i,e,u,a} (unround) {y,oe,w,o} (round). The degree of fronting is determined by the preceeding consonant. This may also be followed by {n} to show that the syllable is nasalised (nasalisation has become phonemic (instead of permanent) since the origination of m"/21aw, as the purpose of mQlo` has changed).