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Ebonic Xmas

Date:Thursday, January 13, 2000, 16:48
Gray Wizard, whining refered to the act of white people (*most* without
any remotely close black friends) complaining without having much of
an idea as to how they would react to it.  You, being black, are obviously
not included in that category.

My supposition that a word written and pronounced the same way means the
same is (whatever else it might be) very sane and logical.  And
as I stated, in a number of languages (including my mother tongue) the
euivelant word means "black (people)".  It has no negative connotation
whatsoever.  And if amongst blacks it is a word recalling a "shared
experience" than can whites or asians use it to address their black
classmates?  It is one word.  It is the same word.  If you do not like it,
that is fine.  However linguistic principles rarely depend upon wishful
thinking.  If it truly is offensive, stop using it.  Otherwise it is just
a setup for blacks to be offended.

The poem had no malevolence.  In fact I do not recall it expressing any
desire (positive or negative) whatsoever.  It was a recollection of a
fictional, and (thanks to numerous BLACK COMEDIANS) comically stereotypical
bronx-style christmas.  And my comments about how it can be humourous:

As laughter is a reaction to a shift of paradigm, which makes a potentially
serious event actually turn out trivial; the idea of a fictional account
can only be humourous with the realization that it is UNTRUE.

I think it would be slightly more malicious if the humor lied in the fact
that things are really that way.  But, as they are not, and as the humor
lies elsewhere; the poem (however narrowly) does fit into the concept of

Pray tell, Gray Wizard; why is it racist for whites (or, as in your view;
blacks) to tell jokes about blacks, but it is not when blacks are telling
jokes about whites?

If your sensibilities are offended, I feel for you.  But the poem was
not racist nor intrinsically wrong.  And do enlighten me about this issue
of the double standard, and how it is NOT RACIST to judge a word's meanings

I am not calling you a racist, by the way (as you have indicated me to be),
I am merely asking questions.