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Bye (should be re-titled "Hang in there")

From:M.E.S. <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Friday, March 29, 2002, 11:04

Can empathize with Patrick's feelings of nobody
replying or giving constructive criticism, but I'm
just as guilty of not offering any constructive
criticism as anyone else.  As others may have said,
[1] what can we expect of each other when many of us
are just amateurs trying to learn and support each,
and [2] isn't it just enough to try to participate in
the limited capacity that each of us can in order to
give meaningful support?  After all, "Rome was built
in a day" (I think that's the expression...?)

Anyhow, as for myself and perhaps I speak for someone
else lurking about, work and personal responsibilites
tend to keep my "conlang list time" to a minimum.  Not
only that, frankly, I get intimidated by some of the
elders' technical lingo talk and just end up
skipping/deleting those emails all together.  Another
thing, for me at least, is that I do not track down
all the terms and forget over 95% of them so I just
sit on the sidelines until that occasional email that
I can discuss with some clarity.  Nonetheless, I still
think staying on the list is worthwhile - after all,
you do always learn some wacky off-the-wall fact!


PS - Should note that in the past, I have been
fortunate in that some did reply and engage me in a
bit of chat on my conlang (Vya:a:h, aka Vyh.).
Thinking of Christophe encouraging me when I did my
first posting on Vyh. last year.  Thx.

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