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Thag 3B possible name, and some vocab

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Monday, December 11, 2006, 0:23
The name might be Ванаш ~ Vanaš ~ /vanaS/ "Vanash".

The vocab items of Old Vanash will probably include the following


фуло fulo /p\ulo/ - "fort"

зөз zöz /z2z/ - "door"

анағз anaǧz /anaGz/ - "majlis", "anteroom"

зўу zwu /zwu/ - "fish"


вох ~ voh ~ /voh/ "bake"

I suspect that in the Old stage of the language, everything will retain a
pretty pure PIE-style morphology, e.g.

     Sg    Pl
Nom zözos zözous
Acc zözom zözå
Dat zözoy zözomus
Ins zözo  zözoyz

Opinions, please, on the name of the language, and the form of these few
items. The latter especially with plausibility as a very early IE language
in mind.


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