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Darmok beyond the pale; was: criteria

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, December 11, 2006, 14:50
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From: "Philip Newton" <philip.newton@...>

>> So I have >> tried to make T. into a language that invokes a lot of metaphors for >> ordinary actions. "Juliet on the balcony," is how Troi explained what >> might >> mean, in Darmokian (?), > > Tamarian. Spoken by the race known as "Children of Tama" or "Tamarians".
Righto! I was too lazy to look it up. I've also explored some of these links you give below, poring over the possibilities. It seems the writers really got into this little conlang.
> Darmok was a mytho-historical hunter from Shantil III, who was > referred to in certain Tamarian sayings, such as "Darmok and Jalad at > Tanagra". > > Related links: > * > * > * > *
In my spare time I want to develop a more complex history of the Teonim to develop their allusions and metaphors. For instance, our expression "beyond the pale" (a term one can use without knowing what it means as I have for years) refers to the Irish domination by the English, where their villages were picketed off (palus, "stake," "picket"). So anybody who was "beyond the pale" was Goidelic, wild, unmanageable and outlandish. There's zillions of examples just in English. How many of you are developing this kind of expression by way of allusion in your conlangs? What are your favorites? Sally


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