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Re: Good Government (was: Evolution of governments (was: Consistency in naming))

From:Tristan McLeay <zsau@...>
Date:Saturday, November 15, 2003, 5:38
On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Adam Walker wrote:

> --- Akhilesh Pillalamarri <valardil@...> wrote: > > > > Democracy will never truly work. Communism, while it > > has it's goods, has problems. Monarchy is at fault > > if a bad king comes into power. Fascism is a rascist > > hate based system. Therefore, no system of > > government in perfect. Our current democratic age > > will be but a brief flicker in history. Already as > > we can see, democracy is usually an excuse for > > corrupt and instable leaders to come to power. It > > does not really even work anywhere except for in > > America, Western Europe, and Japan. Elsewhere, it is > > a failure, and even in America we have tyrants such > > as Bush. > > Excuse me? Bush is not a tyrant. Half of us voted > for him, including me and all the voting members of my > family.
While I disagree with much of what he does (from an international perspective; within the US, he's free to do whatever the people will allow), and I disagree with the statement that he's a tyrant, (a) being voted for by half of a constituency is not the same as not being a tyrant; (b) Bush was not voted for by anything approaching half the constituency,* and; (c) of those that voted, less than half voted for Bush.** * Optional voting only works*** when people actually vote. ** FPTP voting doesn't work unless there's only two candidates. *** At least given the results of winning the presidential elections. If the elections were proportional, I'd be much happier with optional voting and a low turn-out. -- Tristan.


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