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Re: Good Government (was: Evolution of governments (was: Consistency in naming))

From:Tim May <butsuri@...>
Date:Saturday, November 15, 2003, 14:18
Tristan McLeay wrote at 2003-11-15 00:36:35 (-0500)
 > While I disagree with much of what he does (from an international
 > perspective; within the US, he's free to do whatever the people
 > will allow), and I disagree with the statement that he's a tyrant,
 > (a) being voted for by half of a constituency is not the same as
 > not being a tyrant; (b) Bush was not voted for by anything
 > approaching half the constituency,* and; (c) of those that voted,
 > less than half voted for Bush.**

While I essentially agree with what Tristan says here, this thread
(or at least the topic of GWB) is both incendiary and deeply offtopic,
so I urge everyone to exercise extreme restraint in replying to it.