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Re: CHAT: SWP anecdotes (was: RE: (POLITICS!!!): Putting the duh in

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, December 11, 2000, 2:04
John Cowan wrote:
>That is true. But originally it was only marijuana cigarettes that could >be "bogarted", by smoking them down to the very end. This in turn >referred to Humphrey Bogart's habit of smoking (tobacco) cigarettes >down to the last millimeter.>
Granted, I was already too old by the time marijuana came on the scene-- but it was my impression this referred to Bogart's habit of always having that butt plastered in his lips....(like the stereotypical French workingman in films of the 40s/50s), you kept the cigarette/joint in your lips, it was burning down, but you weren't actually smoking it.....?