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My girlfriend is a conlanger!

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Sunday, March 9, 2003, 20:29
Yes, you heard me! My girlfriend is a conlanger! And she
didn't tell me until today!

I've been seeing her for more than a year, and she's always
kept this to herself. I haven't really spoken to her about
my conlanging, but she knows a little, because sometimes I
make references to stuff I've read on this list.

I met her when she took Linguistics 101, so she's into
linguistics, but not as much as I was, I thought. But today
when just waking up after sleeping in (late night, last night),
I told her about the apparent fact that everything one could
imagine a language doing, there was already some natlang out
there which did, and often ten times worse.

We started talking about linguistics in general and slowly
she started talking about how hard it was to get any further
after you have created the phonology, nominal morphology and
verbal morphology. "Am I really hearing this?" I thought to
myself. I pretended that she hadn't just said something
extremely revolutionary, and calmly started asking her questions
about phonology, morphology and stuff.

Then we got to talking about conlanging in general. Silly me
thought that she perhaps started conlanging after taking
Linguistics 101 or had seen me conlang, but no. Apparently
she's been at it since age 13! I didn't even start until I
was 18 or 19!

As it turns out, the main reason she took linguistics was to
get inspiration for her language, and of course just to learn
more about linguistics (which is a fascinating subject in
itself). Just like me!

She didn't think anyone else did this kind of stuff. She never
saw a site about this on the internet. In the beginning, she
just came up with words that no one else would understand, but
later she wanted a grammar and stuff as well. As she put it:
"I wanted to see if I could actually create an entire language".

I can't believe she never told me!

Now, I've told her everything about this list and given her
about a million links to conlanging sites (including, of course,
my own :)

I'm hoping she'll join the list and develop her conlanging skills
and her conlang.

Oh! I just got a message from her! (She's at her place right now.)
She says her language is called Coní! It's inspired by Spanish
and Russian.

I'll tell you more about all this and her language, and I'm so
hoping she'll join the list. She says if she does, she'll be
mostly lurking, but hopefully, she'll at least send an introduction
about herself.

I'm so excited! Weee! :)

Daniel Andreasson


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