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Subject: first try at conlanging

From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Monday, January 7, 2002, 7:11
erwan ar skoul a écrit:

> noioepanê. ôpoihaivopa > make holy-imperative-perfect. to come-to-imperative. > hoûooetepanê > liberate-from-imperative-perfect. > teivahaivohîpa > to give-to-inside-imperative > aoîmaevateinê > to leave-away-in favor of-perfect > aoîmaevateipanê > to leave-away-in favor of-perfect > auôluvahîpa > not-drive-in defavor of-inside-imperative
so is -haivo- allative "to"? -oe- factitive "to make"? -tei- or -te- benefactive "in favor of"? -maeva- elative "from"? Mathias


erwan ar skoul <erwan.arskoul@...>