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Re: _Sloth Poem_ Re: Yet another text for translation

From:Sylvia Sotomayor <sylvia1@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 2, 2000, 20:33
On Wed, 02 Aug 2000, someone wrote:
> >The sheep bleats, > > hungry for food, > > hungry for warmth. > >The sturdy mangrove, > > roots deep in the water, > > sways in the breeze. > >And the sloth just watches. > > > >Great comforting leaves. > >Warm distressed wool. > >And the sloth just watches. >
In Kélen: é la ma háwre péltene pa ma kúñ to jílne pa ma kúñ to cállá é la ma lúárle kíthiene pa ma ne jím sú hárá pa ma rá ánen úraniñ í sema róuñ mo ma árná tóshene é la ne mal kelúwen ón é la íljú wakelúwen cállene í sema róuñ mo ma árná tóshene ----- Complete noun phrases are in brackets. LA [NP] translates to '[NP] is' or 'there is [NP]' SE [NP] denotes a transaction in which [NP] is the thing transacted. Source and goal are not always named. PA [NP-1] [NP-2] translates to '[NP-1] has [NP-2]' This whole poem is in present generic tense, as appropriate for something timeless. Normally, the sheep, mangrove, and slow-bear would have inanimate articles (because animate ones are reserved for people), but the poet here chose to elevate the status of these for her own purposes, or she is from clan Ñúnnale. é la [ma háwre péltene] and-1 LA SG-anim sheep* bleating(adj) *not really a sheep, but close enough. pa [ma] [kúñ to jílne] PA 3p-anim want SOURCE_inanim food pa [ma] [kúñ to cállá] PA 3p-anim want SOURCE_inanim warmth é la [ma lúárle kíthiene] and-2 LA SG-anim mangrove* sturdy *again, not really a mangrove, but close enough. pa [ma] [ne jím sú hárá] PA 3p PL root at water pa [ma] [rá ánen úraniñ] PA 3p move with wind-diminutive í sema [róuñ] mo [ma árná tóshene] and-with SE+3p goal sight GOAL SG-anim bear* slow The slow-bear is the closest animal to an Earth sloth. é la [ne mal kelúwen ón] and-1 LA PL leaf comforting great-big é la [íljú wakelúwen cállene] and-2 LA wool not-comforted* warm *distressed? í sema [róuñ] mo [ma árná tóshene] and-with SE+3p goal sight GOAL SG-anim bear* slow -- Sylvia Sotomayor from Caldera 2.4 Linux