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More on Mapwords

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 22, 2003, 9:47
A couple more thoughts on mapwords.

I was wondering what psychological differences there would be in a species
for which mapword based grammars were easy to use. The most obvious one
would be that they'd need a bloomin' good memory! However, on a deeper
level, it occurs to me that they'd most likely see tha world predominantly
in terms of structure, and habitually reason from structure to detail. The
mapword grammar seems to be optimised for that sort of mind. Rather than
failing to see the wood for the trees, their characteristic mind blindness
would be failing to see the trees for the forest.

Secondly, I've thought of a way to allow totally free word order with
mapwords. In C++ progrmming, there's a device called the "this" pointer,
through which a data structure can refer to itself. A mapword could contain
a "This" morpheme corresponding to its own position in the sentence, for

friend see n-agt-voc-pl.vb.THIS Phaesalus this boast proud it be fast
ship afloat

"This Phaesalus, which you see, friends, is proud to bast that it was once
the fastest ship afloat." (Catullus).

Evil, isn't it?