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Back and married!

From:Jan van Steenbergen <ijzeren_jan@...>
Date:Tuesday, July 22, 2003, 12:02
Hello everybody!

As you can see, I'm back. Marina and I had a beautiful wedding on the Fourth of
July (Christophe can attest that!), and after that we spent a wonderful
honeymoon in subtropical Denmark. Yesterday we came back, reborn.

I wish to thank to everybody who sent me congratulations, either here, on
Conculture, in one of the workshops, or privately. During those chaotic days
around the wedding, I had no time or occasion to answer, but be sure that I
appreciated it a lot!

Well, I didn't buy a Danish grammar after all. However, on the way to Denmark I
bought a nice Low German dictionary and some other stuff in Low German. I
wanted a Greenlandic dictionary or grammar, too, but I felt my brand-new wife
wouldn't be too happy with me hopping from one "boghandel" to another, so that
remains a plan for the future.

And Benct, when we were in Copenhagen, we actually considered crossing the
Kattegat and visit Malmö. But unfortunately, the prices of those pay-bridges
are far from symbolic, and we decided that it wasn't worth to pay such an
amount of money for just a few hours in another country, while Copenhagen
itself had so much to offer. But Göteborg is still high on my list, and when
the time comes we definitely should arrange a meeting!

Now I've got some catching up to do. I'm not sure if I'll be able to read all
900 messages. Have I missed something important?


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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