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Number system

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 9, 1999, 3:05
Hi folks.

I just figured out the Saalangal number system (i hope! :)). It's at:

Here are a few examples of it:

1,156,390 - paling pali'n lasuang pali'n nanpasala'n sung kun dasang suan
kun enesala (lit: one million and one hundred thousand and fifty and six
and three hundred and ninety) A long one, I know. Numbers into millions
are a recent arrival for the Saalangals. Usually they stay within the

1999 - pali'n eneng suan kun enesala'n ene (lit. one thousand and nine
hundred and ninety and nine).

It's modeled similar to Tagalog (that's why big numbers get long winded :))

oh, and words with 'n are the contracted form of  'kun' which means "and".

An interesting fact about the word for 1,000 (pali) is that it also means
"a great many, or multitude".


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