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Ekspreso ( Re: Which auxlangs?

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Monday, November 8, 1999, 12:21
Charles <catty@...>
>< I don't remember if Ekspreso meets the romance-based >> criterion, though. (Not that it matters. If Jay created it, it's fair >> game for the shirt *regardless* of any other concerns.) >Exactly. And it looks pretty much like the other euroclones, >though slightly more pidginish. >
Ay ay ay! Pidginish, Charles, pidginish??? Otay, I'll take it but wouldn't creolized be more romanticly poetic? :-))) Ekspreso esen la lingua pro la persona in haste no plu e no minu. La gramatika de Ekspreso esen multi simplifiked e la formesion de terminos multi internesional e fasil. Si vo komprenden uni lingua romansi lo vaden esen un kosa multi fasil pro vo aprender la lingua Ekspreso. Si vo no komprenden linguas romanse lo no esen grandi kosa vo soli nesesiten kontinuer a aprender la terminos komuni a la vokabulario internesional. A si ke kontinuen a aprender e troven la pagina de la internet pro la lista de terminos e frases in Ekspreso. Actually Ekspreso reminds me of the signs you'd see in the old Mission Impossible whenever they were in a foreign country and doing some impossible mission... :-))) Tan-tan-tantan-tan-tan tarrarratinnnnn.