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Re: Russian language (was: "to be or not to be")

From:jartur pavlenicvs <iiartvrvs@...>
Date:Sunday, April 2, 2006, 10:12
On 4/1/06, Chris Peters <beta_leonis@...> wrote:
> >From: Michael Adams <michael.adams1@...> > > > Another question: how different *are* the two languages? Could OCS be > accurately described as "King James Russian", so to speak? Or is there more > difference between them? > > :Chris >
OCS is the western slavonic language, and Russian is the eastern one. There was another, so called Древнерусский (ancient russian), which is closer to the moder Russian language, but nevertheless most of modern Russian speakers wouldn't understand any of these (though I, personnaly, can adopt some texts). -- lfdc::jartur


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