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Re: OT: My name (jara: OT: Composing)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, March 23, 2003, 22:30
Yan Suranjakra yawuri:

> --- Roger Mills skrzypszy: > > In Kash, you would be: (yan, can or huwan) suranjakra > > (["suran'dZakra] surañ 'mountain', cakra colloq. adj. form of cangar
> > How are these pronounced (the first names, I mean)? [jan], [tjan],
> And what is the difference between them?
They are just Kash equivalents of various forms of the Terran name; AFAIK they mean nothing in Kash. [jan] is correct; /can/ would be [tSan], but /c/ is unaspirated and may be partially voiced idiolectally. /huwan/ would be ['] natively or [xu'an] if the speaker was familiar with the actual Span. pronunciation. (The "w" is just a holdover from the writing system and is barely, or not at all, pronounced) To actually transcribe "John" [dZan] would require a letter "j" not used in the Holundan alphabet. (Just the other night I realized the the Cindu "IPA" is a mix of Kash, Gwr, and invented symbols, plus a bunch of diacritics) The diminutive would add /-ci/: ['jandZi ~ 'tSandZi ~ xu'andZi] There could also be /ivan/ < Russ., /evan/ < Welsh, /San/ > Irish , Germ. /yohanes/ or /yohan/ (which means 'to disappear'), /covani/, /yo(h,k)anan/ etc. Port. "João" would really get mangled-- [So'a_UN]? written "Sowawuñ", rather ugly...; likewise Fr. "Jean" [SaN] "Sañ"