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Re: OT Re: USAGE Re: Defining words and how they are used

From:Michael Adams <michael.adams1@...>
Date:Friday, June 23, 2006, 18:33
Good point about scaring off as well as being clearer. Also I
suspect I type slower than I think, so sometimes I miss things
and need to work harder at spelling and read what I have written
to make sure it is what I meant.

Also as said, been on alot, and I suspect have picked up a habit
of people who spent to much time online especially in chat of
clipping things..
Anyone done a study on the effect of chat and like, on the
English language? Same with other electronic mediums, such as
cell phones? I know there is some sounds that when I am on a
cell, I just can not hear, so I have to either pick another
word, or another sound..

Does raise a question, how to keep your conlang when it becomes
an Auxlang, of being clipped to the point of being nearly

I know words like "The" is going away in many ways, much like
how it was started it seems in the UK, and now is popular in the

"The Hospital" or "Hospital".

Some of my posts are I suspect examples of spoken forms
becomming written form? or written form is being clipped, to
throw out as much as possible for brevity, and sometimes it is
too much, or those reading it are not in the same vein or group
or something like?  (I often use "Like" instead of "something
like", or use Lingo instead of Language, something to do with
amount of time to type it out and errors and such that are
possible, and sort of short handing of the word?).. Yes, some
find "Lingo" to be offensive, heh, I used to call it Gaelic, but
some out of ego or like, call it Irish, but ... not going there.

But yes, some days I can not read my own posts, so being good
and understanding about people here not being able to understand
me, and I might as well not post, if no one can understand me.
Similar to the debate on English only, since most here do not
speak anything but English or its just the most common language
of list members

Yes, some politics, but the pro/con thing was more humor than
anything.  A language joke if you will?

I love to play with words, its a major part of my poetry..  And
yes, some of my posts look alot like in form to my poetry, and
sometimes I wonder if they are mingling or ... Will see..

Officer Candidate or Cadidiot?