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4009 (was Well, at least he created numbers.....)

From:Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@...>
Date:Monday, January 21, 2002, 23:35
At 10:53 AM 1/20/02 -0500, Adam Walker wrote:
>However, this brings me to a question I've been meaning to ask for several >months now. What does the prhase "four thousand nine" mean in your >conlangs? In English it would mean 4009, but in Chinese it means 4900. >What do you do with this?
In Rav Zarruvo, the least significant digit is given first (and empty digits are ignored), so "four thousand nine" rendered literally would come out to 9004. (Though I haven't yet established the word for "thousand"...) --- Bob's Original Hero Stuff Page! [Circle of HEROS member] Music from Bob's Computer! (CD now available!) Want more hits to your web page?